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Since 2001, Financial Educators NetworkTM has provided financial and retirement planning courses virtually and in-person at thousands of colleges, universities and high schools nationwide.

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of delivering financial education
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Who should attend?

No matter what stage of life you’re in, our financial planning courses are designed for adults looking to make more informed decisions about their financial life. From investing and college savings to tax-smart retirement strategies and estate planning, our courses help provide the tools you need to better understand where you are today—including potential gaps in your current plan—and ways you can strengthen your future.

Course: Wealth Creation Today

Master family finances

Guidance on home and college finances, investments, family goals and long-term savings.

Family financial advice

Understand your options for investments, savings and trusts—whether you’re building a family or securing your future.

College savings

Ensure a world of opportunity for your children and learn the ropes of educational IRAs and college savings funds.

Lifestyle planning

Plan to live life your way based on your goals and priorities. Prepare for vacations abroad, home improvements and memorable adventures.

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Retire on your terms

Financial education courses hone in on wealth-building, wealth management and pre-retiree financial planning.

Pre-retirement planning

Whether retirement is around the corner or a ways off, it’s never too early to learn about your options.

Strengthen your portfolio with retirement in mind

Maintain a healthy investment portfolio, get the most from appreciating assets and understand every potential risk or reward.

Tax-smart solutions and strategies

Navigate evolving tax and retirement policies, plus understand the steps you can take now to better streamline your transition to retirement.

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Solidify your retirement

For retirees looking to make the most of retirement.

Retirement income planning

Learn ways to better manage your retirement income with your goals in mind.

Inheritance and estate planning

Educate yourself on steps and options that will secure a prosperous future for your family.

Goal-setting and getting the most out of retirement

Build a life that checks off wish-list items with smart financial decisions. Plan to travel, dine, frequent the arts, support your community and create the lifestyle you want.

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Access objective financial expertise, your way


Trusted professional instruction

Our highly qualified, licensed practitioners typically have 10 years of experience. In fact, many are Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

No sales pitch

No sales pitch

The Financial Educators Network™ connects adults with financial education courses free from high pressure sales tactics. Instructors do not promote financial products.

Virtual & in-person options

Virtual & in-person options

Courses are taught both virtually and in-person at participating colleges, universities, and other educational institutions nationwide.

We are committed to maintaining safe and healthy spaces for our instructors and students. Following CDC guidance, our local class sessions may offer video conferencing to ensure proper social distancing while maintaining high-quality educational engagement with all students.

What to expect

Our financial education courses range from 4-6 hours in duration, spread across two sessions in an interactive, lecture-based format. All students receive a comprehensive workbook so you can follow along, make notes and revisit key concepts.

Our courses cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Approaches to wealth-building
  • Navigating and reducing taxes
  • Assessing investment risks
  • How to create a retirement plan
  • How to align your money with your values
  • Planning for healthcare needs
  • Making money last through retirement
  • Achieving personal goals
    (such as an active life and building a sense of purpose)
  • Planning your estate and establishing your legacy

Each course is designed to deliver objective, unbiased knowledge you can easily apply to your unique situation to make more informed financial decisions. Level up your financial know-how so you can create a personalized plan and achieve your goals.

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