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The Financial Educators NetworkTM brings financial education to adults via online and in-person courses across the country. Since 2001, over 500,000 adults have attended our financial and retirement planning courses at thousands of colleges, universities, and high schools nationwide.

Our financial education courses are designed to suit the specific needs of adults of all ages, from working professionals to pre-retirees and retirees. Each course curriculum is comprehensive and covers a wide variety of topics that are most important to people at each of these critical stages of life.

The Financial Educators NetworkTM is proud to have made it possible for thousands of high schools, colleges, and universities to provide high-quality financial education as a part of their continuing and adult education programs. By connecting schools with highly qualified industry practitioners and providing public awareness, the Financial Educators NetworkTM has helped over 500,000 adults to return to campus.

After more than 20 years of delivering financial education in over 65,000 course sessions, we and our licensed practitioners are sure of one thing: financial education gives every attendee the power to take control of their future.
We’re excited to see what you accomplish next!

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